Who Are We . . .

Hockey With Heart is the compassionate arm of the Unionville Men’s Hockey Club that is proactively engaged in making a positive difference in our community.  We are a local grass roots organization comprised of approximately 180 hockey players (and families) that are committed to supporting/giving back to the community in Unionville and Markham (Ontario, Canada).  We see ourselves as an organization that acts as a catalyst and enabler that bridges needs in the community with a helping hand when needed.

Our Committee . . .

Our group is made of volunteers from the hockey league and within the community.

  • Dennis Fortnum
  • Lorrie-Anne Lauder
  • Dave Wilson
  • Peter Sands
  • Evan MacDonald
  • John Cabrelli
  • Wayne Nishimura
  • Brad Fletcher – A message from the Chair

What We Do . . .

Making the community a better place is our primary goal.  We see ourselves as enablers of goodwill and kindness within the Unionville and Markham community.  We represent the UMHC membership by organizing and mobilizing support towards various “needs” projects and initiatives within the community.

How We Do It . . .   

Funds needed to support the various causes we support come from several sources.  A significant contribution comes directly from the Unionville Men’s Hockey Club through an annual contribution made by each of our players.  Each hockey season, a portion of every players registration fee is earmarked for  the Hockey With Heart program and used to support the various causes and programs we engage with.  Additional fundraising initiatives are undertaken throughout the year to augment the financial support from our players and to further enhance awareness of our initiatives including:

  • Annual UMHC players directory which provides advertising opportunities to local businesses and business leaders to promote their goods and services
  • Corporate partners and sponsors that provide both financial and in-kind support
  • Community events, such as BBQ’s, and other fundraising initiatives
  • Individual and private donations

A Helping Hand – How HWH gets involved. . .  

Hockey With Heart has established a simple, yet effective fundraising request process to access prospective requests for those seeking support.  The Hockey With Heart sub-committee meets regularly to review requests for funding based on:

  • Impact on the community or individual
  • Objective of the request
  • Amount requested and the measurable impact of the request on the cause
  • The potential to engage broad support from the UMHC membership

Apply to become a volunteer

The Jimmy Hill Community Service Award . . .

On December 13th, 2017, while playing the game he loved, long-time UMHC member Jimmy Hill suffered a heart attack that took his life.  Jimmy was a jovial and infectious spirit that filled the lives of anyone fortunate enough to know him; a family man and wonderful person who dedicated much of his time to Hockey Wirth Heart.

It is in Jimmy’s honour that the “Jimmy Hill Community Service Award” was created in 2017 and will serve as a beacon of his service and dedication for others in the coming years and decades.  Presented annually with a $1,000 donation, this award recognizes and honour’s a person who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the community through their time, action, talents and dedication. Both members of the UMHC and non-members in the community are eligible for this award.

Nomination Process

Members of the UMHC or community-at-large can nominate any individual who has demonstrated qualities of compassion and volunteer service to the community over the year.  Note that the volunteer / charitable activities cannot be part of the persons job and no monetary gain or personal benefit can be derived from their involvement.

Judging Criteria

  • The degree to which their services/actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution or impact to the league and community.
  • The length and degree of their service.
  • The extent to which their service or action might be considered above and beyond the call of duty.
  • The extent to which their actions would be recognized and valued by the peers and community leaders.

Nominate a member of your community for the award 

2017 Winner – Vic Steane

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