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Message From The Chair


With another season upon us, Hockey With Heart and the Unionville Men’s Hockey Club continues to be a force in our community. Our support levels to the Markham Food Bank, Hampers of Hope Christmas Food Drive, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, all increased over the past year with good timing as individual needs have risen considerably.

While we take our responsibilities of supporting the community and representing the league seriously, the truth is that we simply enjoy being involved both in the game we love and the community we take pride in. Over the years, the UMHC has become a proudly worn badge for many of us living in the community. More than often I will be quipped with a “you know my neighbour”, or a “I found you through a friend of mine” in the hockey league. Over my 20 years participating, I’ve learned anything you ever need, or could ever want can be found through a contact in the league. Whether it be landscaping, completing a will, getting a toothache fixed, purchasing a shop-vac, getting a reference for a golf membership, listing your home, or having the propeller of your boat fixed, it can all be possible through a member of our league.

In early 2023, Hockey With Heart learned that it was to be recognized for its engagement and charitable efforts in the Unionville/Markham community. Portraits of Giving is a York Region based organization that recognizes individuals and groups that raise awareness and resources for community causes. On Monday, September 25 th , with HWH and UMHC members, local dignitaries, community leaders, and family and friends in attendance, the Portraits of Giving organization presented ‘the portrait’ to the HWH committee members,
and indirectly to the larger membership of the UMHC. It was a poignant moment that encapsulated decades of community benevolence provided by our organization and league members. For me personally, it was an honour to be the guy at the podium who at a point in time, could represent the efforts of many who over the years contributed time, energy and resources towards our charitable cause.

Over the course of three-plus decades, the Unionville Men’s Hockey Club remains one of the most successful member-managed adult hockey clubs across our puck and stick nation. Our priority of continuing to give back to our community (and beyond) fills us all with a sense of pride, humbleness, and empathy. On behalf of the Hockey With Heart Committee and UMHC executive, we thank you for your ongoing support and volunteerism.

Brad Fletcher
Chair, Hockey With Heart 
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